Airport SCSE La Florida, Chile

Rigolan hat seine Freeware-Scenery, die Paywareformat besitzt, auf online gestellt. Sie umfaßt den Airport SCSE La Florida und die Stadt La Serena in Chile.

Welcome to my rendition of La Florida Airport on the beautiful colonial city of Chile, in sudamerica.This is the first version of my scenario SCSE. My main objective is to recreate the real airport the most faithfully possible. More so, I have not only customised the airport, but it’s neighbouring suburbs, as well.
All static and animated objects have been created by myself. It took me over 14 months to make, and I thoroughly enjoyed spending most if not all of my free time to this project.
I want to thank all those who helped me clear up my doubt about x-plane, special thanks to Cestomano and Remen.

Main features:

    – Custom taxiway and runway textures
    – Accurate airport layout
    – Custom ATC taxi routes and airport flows
    – X-Plane 10 HDR Night Lighting
    – Accurate city buildings
    – Custom models for traffic vehicles.
    – Grass, shrubbery and palms 3D
    – Custom ground personal fully animated
    – walking people
    – Custom static Chilean’s police helicopter
    – Photoreal scenery for the areas surrounding the airports


– X-plane 10.0+
– OpenSceneryX 2.1.0+

– 3D people library 3.0:

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